About us

KONČAR ING Ltd. is company in private ownership, which successfully operates on the Macedonian market for more than 20 years in the energy sector, delivering equipment and services. Our main activity is import-export of high voltage equipment, service and maintenance of the same.

In the today’s fast living, Končar Ing has found its business in bringing closer and providing technical assistance to the companies in the energy sector of the technological processes. With our many years of experience and cooperation with Končar Zagreb, we can offer the products of Končar Zagreb, which are currently best offer of quality and price in the European market.

Our product offer also includes equipment from MR from Germany, a leading manufacturer of on-load tap changers.

Aside the cooperation with these factories, we cooperate with other companies depending on the equipment and choice of the customers.


Koncar Ing
20 Oktomvri num. 19
Skopje, R.Macedonia
Tel: + 398 2 324 66 00, 55 11 822
Fax: + 398 2 324 67 00
e-mail: koncar-ing@t.mk